About Us


Hi! I'm Robyn. I'm thrilled you're here. Let me tell you a little bit about Robynro.
Robynro was born out of my frustration with my underwear drawer. For as long as I have been wearing thongs, they have constantly let me down. Every. Single. Time. Sometimes after one wash, sometimes after a few, my underwear lost its luster. Either stretched out, worn out, or the worst- ripped, my underwear just wasn't holding up. All brands blamed it on the washing machine. 

Who has the time to hand wash and hang dry their underwear? Not me. And I don't think you do either. Robynros were designed to last in the wash and are dryer friendly.

I am also a lady who likes to feel like her underwear is part of her outfit. Comfort is, of course, of the upmost importance- but I do not believe women should have to sacrifice style for comfort. Robynro is the thong that will give you both. You will walk out the door (or to the couch), feeling confident, supported, and comfy, all at once.

I hope to make Robynro your new panty go-to.